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Must Do Oregon Coast Attractions On Your Road Trip

Oregon coast is rugged and beautiful. On your drive, plan to visit some amazing locations. In this article, I will start with Cannon Beach and then go down south - This map below will help.

My suggestion would be to stay in Pacific City, go as far down as you want to explore the landscape. Then spend a few days in slightly bigger towns like Portland, Salem or Eugene.

Let's start here.

Cannon Beach

Just gorgeous. You see life here and yet it is a pretty quiet beach! The Pacific Ocean water is freezing and swimming is not recommended (as the water is polluted) but it is one of the best, most beautiful beaches in Oregon. It is most famous for the Haystack Rock. In low tide, you can walk to the rock. Dogs are allowed.


Dairy, dairy and more dairy. Biggest thing in town is the cheese factory - Look up Tillamook Creamery to learn more. You can spend half a day here learning about cheese making, sampling cheese, and lunching on Mac and cheese, and cheese sandwiches and lets not forget the ice-creams! What a fun day!

While in the area, check out Munson Creek Falls - They tumble over several tiers and you can see the falls via a pretty accessible 1/4 mile trail through an old growth forest. Honestly, for me - it was not about the falls as it was about the forest walk, which is just beautiful.

I was transported to Road to Hana in Maui! Came real close, promise.

Pacific City

Perfect spot for sunsets. Quiet town. Isn't this just something else!! We found accommodation here.

Pacific City has a brewery which has several locations. Look up Pelican Brewing Company. It started in Pacific City and this particular location is their only beach-front, sunset-watching restaurant but I personally like the new one in Siletz Bay, which is about 40 minutes south in Lincoln City. It is not on the water but I guess you can still see water so I would certainly recommend a visit! The beers are great and the vegetarian food selections are surprisingly good!

Devil's Punch Bowl

Seriously, like what happened here!! Look at this hole. Find this at the Devil's Punch Bowl State Natural Area. It is thought to have been been created when two caves carved by the ocean collapsed. It was cool to see! It was so windy and sandy up there!

Two caves carved by the ocean collapsed to form this.
Devil's Punch Bowl at the State Natural Area

Florence and Dunes City

The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Center stretches from Florence to Coos Bay, about 40 miles. The Sandland Adventure Tour is a great way to explore shifting sands, wildlife and the beautiful Siuslaw River. Sign up for their one hour exciting Giant Dune Buggies Tour and experience what the buzz is all about!

Giant Dune Buggies
Photo credit: Sandland Tours


Fancy, smanshee, and slightly more touristy. Fantastic restaurants, and golf! This is a charming beach town located at the mouth of the Coquille River, where it empties out into the Pacific. The Beach Loop Drive is the best way to explore this area. Here are the things to do during your visit:

Visit the lighthouse(s)

Four of Oregon’s eleven lighthouses are within a short drive from Bandon. Visit to see all the lighthouses and find one to explore.

Visit Coquille Point

This is so picturesque! There is a short trail on the top of the point for a leisurely stroll...although it does get somewhat windy! Check out the table rock and the elephant rock, and don't miss the hundreds of birds on the rocks!

Play at the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort: Six distinct links courses built on a beautiful stretch of sand dunes perched 100 feet above the Pacific Ocean, what's not to like? The courses here feature in the top 100 golf courses in the country. And, you can stay at this resort, its pretty special with spa and dining options and many resort amenities. Check out their Round Lake Lodge rooms, their newest addition.

Six distinct links course built on a beautiful stretch of sand dunes perched 100 ft above the Pacific Ocean. What's not to like?
Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in Bandon, OR

Eat and drink at the Allora Wine Bar & Restaurant in Old Town Bandon. The restaurant has a great atmosphere, fantastic service and decent pasta. It was awarded the top 10 wine bars in Oregon so we tried two Oregon wines here: The Red Lily Vineyards Red Blanket Tempranillo 2016 from Rogue Valley which was wonderful with its bold, dark fruit flavors and the award-winning Willamette Valley Heritage Reserve Pinot from Coeur de Terre. Vegetarian food options were limited and food portions were tiny for the price but come here for the wine.

Allora Wine Bar has a great atmosphere, and was awarded top 10 wine bars in OR
Dinner at Allora Wine Bar and Restaurant in Old Bandon, OR


After Bandon, drive down to the FaceRock vista point. Here you will find one ancient rock formation that looks like an upturned face.

After this, visit the FaceRock Creamery, an award-winning cheddar creamery. Founded in May 2013, Face Rock Creamery has been gaining national acclaim with its wonderful handmade cheeses.

It is great to see the folks actually make the cheese curd in their factory behind the glass - right in front of you! They sell a variety of things at this store - so many kinds of cheese from different parts of the country! They also have a cafe with chairs and tables so you can actually rest and grab a bite. End that visit with Umpqua ice-cream, also available in the store. This is a local brand "Umpaua Dairy", founded in 1931 by Ormond Feldkamp and Herb Sullivan with $500, a 1929 Hudson delivery truck, and a little wooden ice house by the railroad tracks in Roseburg, Oregon. And the ice cream is good :)


Finally, make your way down to Sixes. When in this area, visit Peter's cranberry farm. Cranberry season along the Southern Oregon Coast takes place between October and December normally.

This field above is actually a giant bog. When its time to harvest, the field turns bright red and they flood this bog with water. Wouldn't that be just the thing to see? If you are here during harvest time, make sure to visit.

This below is a photo from the farm, posted by the owner on Google. Fascinating and so colorful!

Cranberries being harvested
Photo credit: Peter's Cranberries

Last but not the least, visit the Needle Rock. You can get here when you look for the Cape Blanco area in Curry Country. It is almost in the same geographical area of the cranberry farm. You can view the rock from the top of the hill or hike down all the way to the bottom to touch the rock. If you are able to do it with ease, I highly recommend going all the way down. My daughter even climbed a little way up on the rock to pose for pictures!


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22 sep. 2022

That was an Epic trip. Great documentation!


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