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Five simple things for instant happiness!

I am always looking for things that make me smile or warm my heart. This list below keeps on changing every few months. Here is the most current list :)

Laughter Yoga

Laughing voluntarily is often considered an exercise, believe it or not! It is also considered to have the same benefits as spontaneous laughter. It is playful, fun, healing and so great for our body! It prepares your brain for happiness! Laughter (or Hasya Yoga as it is called in Sanskrit) is often done in groups but you can always just find a YouTube video and join the fun in your own private space if you prefer that.

A nice glass of Vino with friends

Grape juice may be healthier but you have to admit that wine has some definite social benefits! Drinking with friends is the best thing ever. It also boosts your self-confidence and relaxes you enough to have a heart-to-heart conversation. Choose reds like Malbecs, Pino Noirs, Syrah or Cabs and if possible, choose organic. Drink wine along with some sheep cheese like Manchego and to that, add simple olive oil and rosemary crackers and a sour cherry spread. Oh, yum.

Ride a bike down the slope

Wheeeee! Down the hill we go...Cycling is great for your body and mind. If you get tired riding a bike, find yourself an e-bike, which is a breeze to ride...literally! A ride by yourself is good time alone. It also reduces stress, is low impact and good for the environment. Most importantly, it is good for you! All that wind on your face and in your hair is likely to make you smile.

Dance like no one is watching!

Some of us dance because we enjoy it more than exercise. Create a little private space (could be