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Review: Otium (Downtown, LA)

Contemporary restaurant. Beautiful, poetic food. Chef Timothy Hollingsworth. 10/10 restaurant.

Otium in DTLA

Otium is probably one of my most favorite restaurants in downtown Los Angeles. I first heard of Hollingsworth when I watched Netflix's Final Table. Hollingsworth was a contestant on the show and came with some exceptional honors - Ex-chef at Thomas Keller's The French Laundry, and James Beard Award for Rising Star Chef of the Year.

We visited Otium late last year with my brother, Pranjal who loves fancy restaurants and vegetarian food. It had an open kitchen concept with indoor and outdoor spaces.

They had a huge wine list, and we saw folks making pasta. The Otium menu was fascinating with a lot of vegetarian options. The servers were super-duper knowledgeable which is rare to see.

Of course, these photos below paint an artistic picture. These are all the things we ordered:

  • Fancy omelette that costs $36 (Ooh, la la. I know! crazy. But apparently it is some ancient recipe and my brother and hubby loved it - I don't do eggs in general)

  • Farro salad with cranberries, watercress and sumac (amaze balls!)

  • Hummus and Muhammara - lovely....tiny portions though. And one of the dips had yogurt

  • Grilled asparagus (tastes nothing like what I make. Just gorgeously grilled)

  • Grilled cheese (GET OUT! I don't want to share this with my child...!)

  • Saffron lemonade (just delish, one was enough to create happy grins)

I suggest brunch or lunch times. Reservations in advance will help. The restaurant offers valet, that's the best way to go. This is a celebrity-chef restaurant, it is a little pricey, quantities are small, wines are fantastic. Perfect for a celebration, costly for a regular lunch stop by DTLA. Great idea to check out The Broad, a contemporary art museum on Grand Ave when you visit.

Note: This post is not a sponsored post. I just like the place and so I am writing about.


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