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Review: Republique - French-inspired brunch (Central LA)

La Brea. Saturday morning 10:45 AM. Here we are, in mood for a pastry.

The line is long, we wonder how much we would have to wait. I can't but admire the industrial planters that are outside on the sidewalk. There is a huge outside dining area. It looks welcoming and communal but it's full. Their parking lot is, too.

We are asked if we have pre-ordered the pastries. Apparently, you go to and pre-order food in advance. There is a separate pre-order window.

We had done no such thing, and I am now thinking this was a waste of a trip but then we are told we can still order pastries at the counter so we decide to wait in line. The menu could be easily accessed with red labels on the floor but then someone handled us a physical one too.