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Valencia, the land of the paella

Valencia is the undisputed home of the paella. Do you know what paella is?

Paella is a rice dish. The most popular version is a seafood paella but Valencia is known for its green vegetables with duck/rabbit/snails/chicken paella with a special seasoning. The Valencia paella is supposed to be the original paella.

The Spanish are proud of their paella. Paella Amor's blog has so many photos of the world's largest paella made in a huge pan that holds 13,000 lbs of rice. The 4,300 sq. ft. paella pan was stirred by giant cranes. How fascinating!

I was always so curious to taste what authentic paella tastes like, so in 2017, we found a really good deal on Scott's Cheap Flights and took a flight to Valencia, in Eastern Spain.

You know me. I was not about to kill any animals or fish so I called several places before this Spanish trip to find a spot that would serve me up some vegetarian, almost authentic paella. And, I did.

We made our way down to an area called Passeig De Neptu. It was indeed a beautiful area, right by the beach. Here, we found a restaurant, right on the beach called El Coso - which had both vegetarian and gluten-free options.