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Two nights in Nashville, TN with kids

We always wanted to go to Nashville in Tennessee. Our family is fairly musically oriented, and for my daughter, visiting the “Country Music Capital of the World,” was truly a dream come true.

For New Year Eve celebrations (Dec 2019) we made our way down to Nashville from Milton, GA where my favorite cousin lives and where we subsequently spent the first week of 2020. My cousin's family joined us which made for great company.

After a ton of research, we all booked ourselves at the famous Opryland's. With 2000+ rooms and 15 restaurants, the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee is one of the world’s largest hotels. It is divided into four quadrants and has several vegetarian food options. It is very very kid-friendly!

It rained so much the first day that we decided to spend our day indoors. The hotel did not disappoint at all - lots of activities and walking around...Soundwaves - the indoor water park, game rooms, shopping, restaurants, and bars.

Also, can I just I tell you about the plants?

The variety of plants I have seen in this hotel was absolutely mind blowing - It felt like I was in a botanical garden or a greenhouse!

At least 50,000 plants here.

Each winter, Nashville hosts the ICE! exhibit at the Opry. We bought tickets to view the exhibit. It was really cold and despite several layers and a parka, our bodies were numb in about ten minutes. I have to say, however, that it was the best experience ever and I recommend it highly. We saw so many three-dimensional and colorful ice sculptures. The 2019 exhibit was called A Christmas Story, have a look at the photos. Credit goes to my darling cousin was taking the photos, it was so cold, I dreaded taking my gloves off. But she was brave.