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The Blue Zone Diet

What is the Blue Zone diet and does it really work? Lets explore.

Blue Zone diet is all about healthy longevity of life!

'Blue Zones' are places around the world where people live very long lives. The secret to longevity is in the food choices that these individuals make.

The Blue Zone diet is primarily a plant-based diet. Most of the food in this diet comes from fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes.

The Blue Zone diet motto seems to be: Enjoy everything but in 'moderation'. You can eat fish, you can drink wine and nuts and even an occasional egg or meat.

Here is a brief summary of what this diet looks like:​

1. 95% plant based. If you must, consume meat only twice a week. Small portions of fish is acceptable every day

2. Reduce dairy such as cow's milk and products such as cream, cheese and butter. An occasional egg is OK but no more than 3 eggs per week

3. Cut down on sugar. No more than 7 added teaspoons a day

4. A daily dose of beans is essential. Plan on 1/2 cup of cooked beans every day

5. Nuts are great. Two handful of nuts per day

Nuts are healthy!

6. Celebrate sourdough bread or even 100% whole wheat bread

Sourdough bread. Yum.

7. Eat whole foods that are single ingredient, raw, cooked, ground or fermented but not highly processed

Hurray for antioxidants.

8. Eat 'super blue foods' such as beans, greens, sweet potatoes, nuts, olive oil, barley, fruits, herbal tea and turmeric

Avoid: Sugar-sweetened beverages, salty snacks, processed meats and packaged sweets

The diet also has beverage rules:

  • Drink Coffee for Breakfast

  • Tea in the Afternoon

  • Wine at 5 PM<