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Tanzania's treasured national parks

Photo credit: Britannica

Where is Tanzania? It is a country on the east of the African continent. Dodoma is the legislative capital of Tanzania and Dar es Salaam is its most prominent city.

I talk to my travel nomad brother, PJ who tells me all about his trip - where he stayed, what he saw, and his recommendations.

Q. Why Tanzania? How do you get there?

It's been my dream to see the wildebeest in migration ever since I saw Lion King! When Mom and Dad said they wanted to go for a safari, that's the first thing I looked up.

Serengeti is the best place to see the wildebeest migration so that's how we ended up in Tanzania in November. We landed in Kilimanjaro (its too bad we didn't have time to climb it) and then we rented a private bus to take us to the different national parks in Tanzania. 

Q. Which cities did you visit and why? 

Since this was a trip dedicated to safari's we planned it accordingly:

We added Zanzibar as an add-on since we wanted to see some ocean and learn some history before leaving. 

Q. One of the main tourist attractions is the Safari. Did you see any wildlife on your visit? What stood out?

For anyone travelling to the Serengeti, spotting one of the Big 5 — a lion, rhino, leopard, buffalo, or elephant — is the main event. We were able to see all of them on our trip. 

The Serena Lodges were fantastic, each one more special than the other.

The Manyara Lodge had a beautiful view of the lake, the