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Maakhan Chor goes to Bombay Sweet Shop

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

When in Mumbai (India), this is a must-do. Your day will definitely get sweeter!

Bombay Sweet Shop has created this incredible dine in only dessert called Malai Toast.

Except instead of toast, it has made a pao ice cream with rusk crumbles with malai and sugar on it.

(Malai is Indian clotted cream, pao is a bread bun)

A funny thing happens when you attach nostalgia to food, it elevates the experience. Now you are no longer eating an ice cream that tastes like pao (though that in itself is incredible), but you are remembering the countless times you cringed when your dad and grandfather put malai on toast and acted like it was the best breakfast in the world. Then after 30 years, you tried it for the first time with your uncle and you fell in love with it. Though you never got a chance to eat it again, you attached all your memories and regrets to that one taste.

Then you come to Bombay Sweet Shop and you taste it again and all those memories come rushing in and *pop*, the taste is taking you to a different level of euphoria.

Thank you Bombay Sweet Shop for a trip down memory lane with your Malai Toast!

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