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Culinary Nostalgia: Rediscovering Memories with Bombay Sweet Shop's Malai Toast in Mumbai

Nostalgia has a magical way of enhancing the culinary journey. It's not just about savoring an ice cream that captures the essence of pao (which is remarkable in itself). It's about reliving the cherished moments when your dad and grandfather used to spread malai on toast, considering it the best breakfast ever. Years later, you tried it with your uncle, and it became a cherished memory. Even though you couldn't enjoy it again, that one taste became a repository of all your memories and regrets.

Enter Bombay Sweet Shop, and as you take a bite, those long-forgotten memories come flooding back, transporting you to a realm of pure euphoria.

Bombay Sweet Shop offers a unique dessert called Malai Toast, available exclusively for dine-in. Instead of traditional toast, it features a pao ice cream adorned with rusk crumbles, malai (Indian clotted cream), and sugar.

Malai Toast
Malai Toast

When in Mumbai, don't miss out on this delightful experience that is sure to sweeten your day! Thanks to Bombay Sweet Shop, you get to embark on a nostalgic journey with their incredible Malai Toast!


This is a guest article by Pranjal Shah for GSS Lifestyle Magazine.

Pranjal has been on the road for over 15 years with no permanent address. He says that Home is where he is at the moment. Follow him on his adventures!

"I have designed my life so that travel is front and center of it, first via IT consulting and then gradually by adopting the digital nomadic lifestyle. I got introduced to travel via a study abroad program in sophomore year of college and then after graduation I started looking for jobs that geared towards it. What motivates me as a traveler is the knowledge that every person and every place is unique and will teach me something new. Food is something that connects me to a place and the people in it. As a vegetarian, I am always trying to understand how the locals relate to nature around them.The evolution of food through history also helps in understanding the local culture and customs. To me that is the most fascinating aspect of travel."

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Unknown member
Feb 09, 2021

This is amazing. Can’t wait to try it out when we are in Mumbai next!


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