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Know about the TxTag when traveling in Austin, Texas.

Driving on Austin toll roads and have no idea how to pay the TxTag toll? Read along!

1. With a TxTag on your windshield, you can travel on toll roads throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Toll charges will be automatically deducted from your TxTag account. Best to choose an auto-pay option.

2. You can manage multiple vehicles on one TxTag account. A TxTag will be assigned to each vehicle, and you must install a tag on every vehicle. You will be asked to prepay $20 for each vehicle, which will be applied as credit to your TxTag account. A lot of this stuff can done online although there are centers with walk-up counters that you can visit as well.

3. In my case, where I am just here for a month, I can still go on toll roads and for a fee, I can pay by mail. An invoice will be sent to my address. I can also look up my toll via my car's license plate number in about a month and pay based on my online statement. Essentially, cameras on the toll road are easily able to capture the plate of my car. Have to love technology!

3. Not all toll roads in Austin are TxTag roads. These below are TxTag roads:

Austin Area:

  • TxDOT (Loop 1, SH 45N, SH 45SE, SH 130)

  • CTRMA (183A, 290 Toll, 71 Toll, 183 Toll, 45SW, MoPac Express Lanes)

  • SH 130, Segments 5-6

Here are some of the other roads where you can use the TxTag.

Dallas/Fort Worth Area:

  • TEXpress Lanes

  • North Texas Tollway Authority

Houston Area:

  • Grand Parkway (SH 99)

  • Harris County Toll Road Authority

  • Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority

  • SH 288 Express Toll Lanes in Harris County

  • Brazoria County Toll Road Authority

  • State Highway 249 Project

Other Areas:

  • Tyler (Loop 49)

  • Brownsville (SH 550)

  • El Paso (Border West Expressway)

  • Oklahoma Turnpike Authority

  • Kansas Turnpike Authority

4. Austin toll roads are operated by all these different authorities, so be mindful on which one you are taking, because the toll procedures will vary based on this:

Hope this overview helps folks who are visiting or those planning to move here.


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