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7 Austin Vegetarian Food Spots + What to order

Austin is food haven, even for vegetarians. If you are at all confused where to start your food journey, start with these spots. If it helps, order what we suggest, because those are tried and tested and fantabulous :)

1. Cauliflower tacos + kickass margaritas at Velvet Tacos

522 Congress Avenue, Suite #100 in Austin is where you will find this popular joint with a ton of vegetarian options. Be prepared to wait or go early!

2. Vegetarian Combination platter + Vegetable Fit Fit at Ethiopian / Eritrean food truck

Typically, you will find them at 2714 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin. This is no frills, authentic food trailer that shares a sit-down space with other food trucks. Food is lovely!

3. Omega Salad + The Pepino non-alcoholic tonic at Vinaigrette

Find this place at 2201 College Ave, Austin. Parking is available. This place is upscale and it is a New Mexico chain. Beet salad and tofu salads are both great. Latter is spicy!

4. Tandoori Broccoli and Cocktails at ClayPit

This place is at 1601 Guadalupe Street, Austin. You will find traditional Indian food here as well as contemporary dishes. Food is decent, order without hesitation.

5. Drunken Noodles and Yellow Curry at Thai Thani food truck

This place is a find. Finally a food truck that tailors your requests! Just request vegetarian and extra sauce. The food is quite fantastic. You will find the truck at 2101 Manor Road, Austin.

6. Beer + Wood-oven pizza and tomato soup at Jester King

It will take you a while to get there but it is worth the drive. Find it at 13187 Fitzhugh Rd, Austin. This is a craft brewery on a 200-acre ranch. Def order their pizzas when you order the beer.

7. Spicy Creamy Vegan Ramen at JINYA

This may be a chain from Los Angeles but not many have heard of it. Their vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are impressive and delicious. Find it at 3210 Esperanza Crossing Austin - at The Domain.


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