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A trip to Arizona's Sonora Desert Museum

Updated: May 27, 2022

Tucson's Sonora Desert Museum is no ordinary museum. It is a botanical garden, zoo and art gallery. And of course, it is truly the best way to appreciate and celebrate the mighty Saguaro, a tree-like cactus that can grow up to 12 meters tall and live over 100 years.

Before we got to the desert, we saw a few of these magnificent succulents, and I just had to get a photo! So, we parked the car on the side of the road and got off.

Saguaro trees in the Sonoran Desert
Saguaro National Park

We got to the museum in the afternoon. If I had to do this again, I would start early, when things were a little more bright and sunny!. Remember to slow down and enjoy the ride through the national park.

A forest of Saguaro trees
Saguaro National Forest in Southern Arizona

There are several things for kids to do, just keep them curious and interested. Read for them, the signs and the information posted by the exhibits. At regular intervals, experts talk about the animals and birds in the museum.

There are a ton of animals in the park. None of them are in cages but there are psychological barriers so the animals do not try to escape.

There are also fish and bird exhibits. The Stingray pool is cool :)

Finally, the succulents! The variety is mind-blowing, so if you are into that stuff, you are going to love it. I took SO MANY pictures. Here is a snapshot.

One quick tip: Wear your walking shoes. A little up and down but mostly flat walking paths everywhere. And it is all mostly outdoors.

Would I do this again? Yes. Phoenix and Scottsdale are enjoyable but walking among the saguaro is a different kind of experience. When in Southern Arizona, this is a must-do.

In the Saguaro National Park
Our family at the Desert Museum in AZ!


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