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Travel Plans + Tourist Attractions + Veggie Food + Shopping in Victoria, BC.


Victoria is in British Columbia, Canada. Look for the city of Vancouver up north and Seattle in the South East to make sense of where Victoria is geographically located.

See where Victoria, BC in Canada is on the map.
Map of Victoria, Canada


Option 1

Victoria has an airport so you can take a direct flight to the island. Tickets may get expensive.

Option 2 (what we did)

Take a flight to Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

Then take an Uber or shuttle to the Ferry stop. Cabs are expensive especially if you are traveling during peak hours (close to $100) - The ferry terminal is about 22 miles away from the airport. The shuttle, on the other hand is really reasonable ($3-4 per ticket) and includes a bus + train ticket to get to the ferry terminal. If you are traveling with less luggage and older children, this is the way to go.

Once you are at the ferry terminal, buy your tickets and Take the BC ferry from the Tsawwassen Terminal to Swartz Bay. Tickets cost $18 per person. The ferry is huge so it is unlikely you will be sea sick. It takes about 90 minutes to get to Victoria and there are shops and bathrooms and food courts on the boat. It's quite comfortable but the ferry schedule is weather-dependent so be prepared for a few delays! The ferry ride itself is wonderful - beautiful scenery, birds, waves and wind.

Once you reach Victoria ferry terminal, have someone pick you up. At the time of writing this blog (January 2023), UBER does not exist in Victoria!

Some folks take the BC Ferries Connector which provides the journey from downtown Vancouver to downtown Victoria. This is a direct service to the ferry terminals without any transfers, where in addition to a ride on the coach, you also experience sailing through the spectacular Gulf Islands. Once you arrive in Victoria, there are many drop off locations to suit your travel plans.

Option 3

Take a flight to Seattle in the state of Washington, USA. Take a cab to the ferry stop. The Seattle to Victoria Clipper ferry ride connects the United States with Vancouver Island. The Victoria Clipper ferry ride to Victoria takes 2 hours and 45 minutes, traveling direct between Pier 69 in downtown Seattle and the Belleville Terminal in downtown Victoria, BC’s Inner Harbor. Tickets start at $115.

Option 4

Take a flight from Vancouver, Canada. Take a Harbour Air float plane to Victoria. The ride is about 25 minutes and it costs $255 at the time of writing this blog entry in January 2023. Find details here. Book early on as seating is limited.


The Victoria Tourism site has a ton of information of what to see and do in Victoria. But what if you just had a day or two? Here are the top five things I would recommend:

1. Visit the Butchart Garden

Now a national historic site, this floral display masterpiece in the Brentwood Bay area of British Columbia is a must-do on your visit to Victoria. You will find a variety of flowers in their Italian, Rose, Japanese and Mediterranean gardens. We have visited their gardens in Spring and most recently in Winter for their 12 Days of Christmas display - Just spectacular!