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Healthy Daily Routines and Journaling

You may or may not know of Timothy Ferriss but we talk about this man's ideas practically every other day! We especially love his morning and evening routines.

Interest you? Try them out.

What do you need?

A positive attitude in the morning + a journal and reflective stance in the evening!

This is my routine plan, inspired by Ferriss':

Morning Routine:

  • Ten repetitions of any exercise!

For example: 10 jumps OR 10 push-ups OR 10 yoga movements like Talasan or Surya Namaskar

  • Coffee / Tea

Green or black tea or Indian tea with milk. OR Coffee - black, with creamer or dairy-free alternative. My go-to is coffee with Laird Hamilton vegan creamer

  • Five minutes of meditation

I usually just sit up in bed, close my eyes and focus on breathing. You can do this lying down too! If you prefer an app, use Headspace's free version - It does the trick.

Evening Journaling:

  • Three things I am grateful for today

For example: Today, I am grateful for three things:

  1. I took the time to go to the beach this morning for a walk. I am grateful to live by a beach and also to find great company for today's walk.

  2. My brother has a broken rib that has really been hurting him. I sent positive vibes into the universe and he is feeling better today! I am grateful for his health

  3. It drizzled a little today, and honestly, it never rains in Los Angeles. So, I am grateful for that!

  • I am: (affirmations)

  1. Content and satisfied with what life has given me.

  2. Feeling good about completing all my grading for the week!

  3. So pleased with myself for keeping my cool and not getting upset at my daughter today as we hurried to get to school

  • Three things that will made today great

  1. Writing two blog entries and working on my blog!

  2. Encouraging at least two people to join the SpeakerPost community

  3. A nice glass of wine tonight and some good dinner

Tim has a blog, a podcast and has authored several books. He even has his own Wikipedia page. Learn more about him here:


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