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Review: The Tea House on Los Rios (San Juan Capistrano)

It must be in our stars to get to this quaint restaurant.

On our way to Temecula yesterday, we decided to stop by and take a little walk in San Juan Capistrano, a little town known for its beautiful Mission San Juan Capistrano, the jewel of the California Missions that welcomes over 300,000 visitors each year.

In the Old Town area, there are a few little houses that have been converted into stores and restaurants. We parked our car by the train station, and walked toward the historic district area. If you have been to an artisan village, there is a tiny street that feels just like that. We found The Tea House on Los Rios on this street - one of the few things that was actually open during a pandemic. There was plenty of outdoor spots to sit and people were socially distanced and being careful.

We ordered a couple hot teas and a strawberry tea for our 11 year old. We also ordered a fruit plate, a scone that came with fresh raspberry compote and a chocolate ganache cake.

Everything was so wonderful. The service was fantastic and accommodating. Our daughter did not like what she had ordered first but the server was nice enough to exchange it for something different. We were told that we probably needed reservations if we wanted to visit again on a weekend - Apparently they are well known for their brunch as well.

This tea house is such a romantic place and it also feels very English. The tea varieties were unique and they have several of their own blends. It is truly an awesome place for a cup of mid-morning tea and fresh-out-of-the-oven baked goods. The cherry on the top is the sound of wind chimes from the store next door. Just magical.

Quick tip: There is a $12 minimum per person - So each of us got a tea each. In retrospect, we should have shared the tea and ordered a few salads or entree items. Oh well, next time.

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