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Review: Saffron and Rose Persian Ice Cream (Westwood)

I am going to make this quick. If you like ice cream and you are into multicultural flavors, check this place out. It's in Westwood, in what we call ' Little Persia'. And be prepared to wait in line.

Saffron and Rose is a Persian ice-cream shop. The founder, Ali Kashani-Rafye began making ice cream in Tehran 75 years ago. His photo is on the wall of the shop.

The ice cream uses whole milk and has authentic flavors - saffron, dates, rose and pistachio. It feels premium with delicate flavors. Ingredients seem natural and vegan options are also available.

We bought a couple scoops to try - Rose, saffron, dark chocolate and mint chocolate chip. We took a pint of Orange Blossom for home. Interesting tastes, all of them.

Overall verdict: The ice cream is pretty amazing. Some recipes go back 2400 years. The rose flavor reminded us to Roohafza.

Anyone interested in Persian ice cream and its history, look up Bastani Sonnati. This is the traditional Iranian ice cream. If you have terms such as Falooda, and Sharbat, know that they are from Iran and have interesting histories.