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No slang or hidden messages here. This is a clean post.

Photo by Luke Jeremiah on Unsplash

We will all wear pineapples to work one day. That day will be here soon.

We will wear pineapples to dinner, to a charity gala, to the disco.

We will celebrate that pineapple happiness. We will show off our pineapple shoes. We will flash our pineapple bags and capes. All bright and shiny, with all its awesomeness.

Oh yes, me too.

If you know me one bit, you know that I am no fashion enthusiast. I buy mostly white shirts and black jeans, and tie my hair in a messy bun. I put my make-up in a hurry, if I put it at all. My daughter thinks I am color-blind because I can never seem to get things to match quite right.

Fashion may not be on my list of 2020 priorities. But sustainability is.

I want to share an interesting trend which is likely to get bigger in this decade - Clothes made from plants! Given that the fashion industry is notorious for its large carbon footprint, this is a welcome change.

There are companies making serious attempts at creating dress materials out of plants such as pineapple and cactus.

In today's post, I want to introduce you to pineapple fashion.

Photo credit: Ananas Anam

Yep, clothes made from pineapple.

A company called Ananas Anam creates an innovative natural textile called Piñatex made from waste pineapple leaf fiber.

The leaves are a byproduct of existing agriculture, and their use creates an additional income stream for farming communities.

Photo credit: Ananas Anam

The company states that the pineapple leaves are sourced sustainably and are cruelty-free. Piñatex has been positioned as an alternative to both mass-produced leather and polluting synthetic materials. I love that Ananas Anam supports rural farming commu