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Day Trip: The Broad Museum, DTLA

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Looking for something fun to do this weekend?

Broad Museum DTLA

Contemporary art museum, The Broad in Downtown Los Angeles is one idea. I visited it with my family a few months ago and I want to share my experience.

The one thing I really like about the museum is its social media presence - you can get a lot of updates on standby lines by following the Broad Museum on Twitter (@TheBroadStandby). It does get really busy so watch the line and plan accordingly. The standby line closes 60-90 minutes before the museum closes, and earlier on busy days. It is closed on Mondays.

Anyway, in this post I want to share some photos to give you an idea of what to expect. First, the museum is generally child-friendly. There were a few nude paintings and sculptures which embarrassed my 10-year old and she kept asking me why artists would care to paint naked people. My answer to that question was 'everything goes in the creative world of art and that the human body is too beautiful not to paint'. That answer worked for her on that day. For how long, I am not sure. Be sure to have an answer ready, should you take children along.

My brother who joined us at the museum sighed, 'Oh, the things that pass off as ART'. But then he took a lot of these photos so all credit goes to him for keeping these memories alive.

Personally, I like this modern art stuff. I have always admired the techniques that allow the creation of such unique things and the ability of artists to create newer and beautiful things from imagination rather than just history. I thought it was a fun visit.

From infinity mirror rooms to clever installations and the gift store, I found several things fascinating. I was most familiar with and excited to see Jeff Koons' work - you see (below) several exhibits as part of that collection: Balloon Dog; Tulips; and Michael Jackson & Bubbles.

I tried to explain things to my daughter as we walked past the different exhibits. She loved the Blue Balloon Dog as well as Takashi Murakami’s work (esp. Hustle & Punch) which is all anime-inspired and reminded her of cartoons with big eyes. And since she likes anime, it made her appreciate the work a lot more.

Under the Table by Robert Therrien

One of my favorite pieces at The Broad though was Robert Therrien's Under The Table.

Here, you see us Under the Table - that's how tall the exhibit is! It makes you realize how toddles feel about their giant parents. It is just a beautiful installation.

It took us a couple hours to do a complete walk-though of this museum. Totally worth our time.

Plan a visit, it will be memorable.

After Broad, eat at Otium. Read about what we ate and our overall experience here. Please reserve this in advance!


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