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Review: Lodge Bread Company (Culver City)

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

We have been searching for good bread, so yesterday, we went to the Lodge Bread Company to pick up a loaf. This place is located at 11918 WEST WASHINGTON BOULEVARD, pretty close to the Culver City area.

This was our first time here. We could not go into the store, but they had a nice display set-up outside. They also had tables, and at 9:15 AM, all tables were full, there was a line for pick-up.

Lodge has interesting bread. I wish they offered smaller loaves because it would have been nice to try a variety basket. Here is their menu. I was particularly interested in the rye bread because it was 100% rye, but we had to choose one.

We were told the most popular one was their seeded country loaf, loaded with seeds such as white and black sesame, nigella seeds, sunflower, pumpkin and poppy seeds. So, that's what we picked up.

We did not realize how big the loaf was, we should have requested it sliced!

Loaf of Lodge Bread, Culver City, LA

Overall review:

It is heavier but it is flavorful. The seeds definitely add to the taste. It felt freshly baked - it still had the fresh-bread smell on the next day.

Just on its own, it is chewy and harder to eat - but that's a personal choice. While I do not recommend eating it just toasted with butter (you would do no justice to it!), the bread is versatile and will work well with hot and cold sandwiches. Also add some chutney or sauce or juice of tomatoes, the bread holds and soaks them so well.

Goat cheese spread on Lodge Bread

We cut half the bread and used it for bruschetta as well as with a goat cheese spread, and it was beautiful.

Next time, I will make a trip to pick up their pizza dough or perhaps their $20 bread-maker kit. I have always wanted to make my own bread.

By the way, if you have visited the famous Tartine Bakery in San Francisco (or their location in Santa Monica), you will likely to find some similarities in the way the Lodge bread tastes. That's the thought we had when we put this bread in our mouths.


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