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Indian Pav Bhaji

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Pav Bhaji roughly translates to Bread with Vegetables. This is Indian street food.

While I grew up eating this and often crave it, I admit that I hardly ever make it. If I find an Indian restaurant serving it, I pretty much always order it - it is so delicious.

When I do make it, it is often from memory. No point re-inventing the wheel here, this is a good recipe to follow.

Some pointers here:

Do you need any special ingredients? The only thing you may not have is Pav Bhaji Masala, which is a special concoction of spices. Without this spice mix, this item will taste and look like a vegetable mash, not so fun.

Can this dish be made vegan? Yes, but traditionally, it is prepared with butter.

Can this dish be made gluten-free? Yep, just use gluten-free bread.

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