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Three healthy appetizers for summer grilling!

I am always looking for interesting small bites to serve at parties. I want to fire up the grill and I want the food conversation around BBQ to be one that vegetarians can enjoy!

Here are some ideas for healthy, fun grilling! I found most of my inspirations online, so I am posting links to those recipes along with the photos of food that I made based on those recipes.

I promise that you will make these three dishes again and again and again....!

Charred corn with shallots, garlic, red and yellow peppers, jalapeños, lemon, cilantro and cotija cheese. (VEGETARIAN)

This recipe is inspired by Epicurous. You can eliminate the cheese and make it vegan as well. I also recently found the 'Everything but the Elote' seasoning blend at Trader Joe's which makes it really easy to make it. Remember to grill the corn - that BBQ taste is probably the best part of this dish!

Grilled potatoes (VEGAN)

There are grilled potatoes, and then, there are these grilled potatoes! The secret ingredient in this dish is apple cider vinegar. It also calls for dill which can totally add to the dish but I could not find at the grocery store the day I made these potatoes so I just added parsley which worked quite as well. Go easy on the olive oil - brush the potatoes instead of pouring oil on them. This recipe is inspired by Epicurous.

Grilled carrots with mint and avocados (VEGAN)

The combination of mint, salt and lemon is so fantastic and perfect for summer and early Fall. This is a plant-based healthy appetizer that also looks so colorful! I always buy rainbow carrots for this dish and grill the carrots so it has those black grill marks that make it look and taste appetizing! This recipe is also inspired by Epicurious.


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