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Review: Boudin's Pizza Crust (Irvine)

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Should there be a special post for a sourdough company called Boudin?

Methinks, YAASSS.

Boudin is supposedly called The Original San Francisco Sourdough, and they have several shops in Northern California but only a couple here. We found a Boudin shop in Los Angeles - closer to Irvine. So, we just had to make our way there.

The bread is pretty good, folks. We got it sliced and had it with baked beans.

But if you are a sourdough fan, then the pizza crust is your best buy! The taste was just incredible, we will need to go back to get another five pies. We love making pizza at home because we can customize it and this was absolutely wonderful.

Highly-highly recommend you to try the pizza crust.

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