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Step into Bubbles of Wonder: Bubble World Immersive Experience Arrives in Los Angeles

Immersive experiences are certainly revolutionizing entertainment. From theatrical experiences like Sleep No More , immersive art like Beyond Van Gogh, or an AYA park trip full of stars, interactive Instagrammable displays evoke wonder everywhere!

This week, I was invited to an early VIP showing of Bubble World: An Immersive Experience in Los Angeles, about 15 minutes away from DTLA. I decided to take my daughter with me so we could write about our experience from two perspectives - adult and teen.

The Ball Pit at Bubble World. Photo credit: Fever
The Ball Pit at Bubble World. Photo credit: Fever

And we had such a blast! Read along for details.

Bubble World premiered in Milan, Italy earlier this year and is now open in Los Angeles at the Exhibition Hub Art Center at 1345 N Montebello Blvd in the city of Montebello, Greater Los Angeles. You can arrive via Pomona Freeway by car or bus lines 287 and 106. There is a ton of parking available outside the facility.

Bubble World is very family-friendly and perfect for children of all ages. I personally feel that middle and high school children will really enjoy this indoor experience! The exhibition should take you 60 minutes to complete, and perhaps slightly more if you want to take a ton of photos!

Tickets are available for purchase now at, starting at $31.90 for adults and $23.90 for children. VIP tickets, group bundles and family passes are also available. BubbleWorld is closed on Tuesdays.

Hot Air Balloon flight stimulator at Bubble World. Photo credit: Fever
Hot Air Balloon flight stimulator at Bubble World. Photo credit: Fever

The exhibition has 13 rooms, each offering multi-sensory, unforgettable optical illusions that enchant both kids and adults + countless photo opportunities!

One of my favorite rooms was the 'Bubble Ocean' - a room full of balloons! It was fun to have balloon fights with my kiddo and bounce balls around.

With each step of this fantastical adventure, I felt an undeniable connection with my inner child. The symphony of pastel colors and mesmerizing lasers was just magical and I embraced the delight of the moment.

As part of the VIP package, we got the VR experience, a pretty cool immersion where we became one with a floating bubble, gliding and soaring in the sky. What fun!

My teen had this to say about her experience:

"The bubble world experience was really fun. I have never jumped into a ball pit the size of a swimming pool, or a room full of balloons. The free cotton candy was also a nice touch. I love the idea and the bold colors and unique rooms. I loved all thirteen of them but I would have to say my favorites were the ball pit, balloon room, and VR room. The room where you could pull a bubble around you was also really cool.
10/10, definitely recommend."

What an exciting journey through giant bubbles, selfie room poses, whimsical bubble baths and robotic bubble shows, and then concluding the evening with a yum bubble-shaped cotton candy treat.

All in all, a great time. Highly recommend this experience!

For those of you not in Los Angeles, this experience may be coming to you!

According to the website:


Brussels - Opens August 2023


United States

Los Angeles: Tickets available

The exhibition is expected to come to the following cities:





New York

San Francisco


Washington DC


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