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Healthier You with YouTheory supplements

I'll be honest.

I have been using YouTheory products long before I decided to partner with them for this article. I am a sucker for an authentic story and YouTheory is built on one.

Headquartered in Irvine, YouTheory products focus on traditional wellness, and are created on claims based on research and on clinical evidence. YouTheory folks visit the farmers, oversee the crops, production and processing of raw materials. They work with the National Science Foundation staff that comes to their facilities every six months for an audit. So, in terms of meeting industry standards, this company goes above and beyond! As a society, many of us support brands that do social good. As the founder of two social good concepts - SpeakerPost and 1000 Spotlights, I am personally big on brands which give back to the communities they serve. YouTheory gives back in special ways, including constructing new orphanages for at-risk children and building clean water wells in Africa. Here in the US, YouTheory supports NEGU (Never Ever Give Up), UNTIL THEN for street kids, New Horizons to eradicate child homelessness and local children’s hospitals that provide care and resources for children fighting childhood cancer. YouTheory is known for their collagen products. But those are not for me as they are not vegetarian. I love their vitamins, and would recommend you to try these three below.

We call this the Indian Ginseng! Clinically supported KSM-66, it reduces stress and helps maintain normal cortisol levels. This botanical is truly ancient medicine (scientific name - Withania Somnifera). It is called an 'adaptogen' because it helps with stress management and enhances brain function and lowers blood sugar level. Ashwagandha is an important herb in the practice of Ayurveda. For at least 3000 years, this herb has been used to boost the immune system, calm nervousness and to combat insomnia - often Ayurvedic practitioners combine it with other herbs for better effect. YouTheory uses root extracts to capture the phytonutrients that occur naturally in Ashwagandha. B12B6 his is a daily energy and brain support supplement. It's vegan, dairy and gluten free. It supports metabolism of DNA, proteins, carbohydrates and fats - converting food into cellular energy. As a vegetarian, I know I don't get enough B12 so every bit helps! B6 is a water-soluble vitamin and our bodies don't store B6 so it's good to supplement it. K2D3 This capsule is great for calcium absorption, bone strength and cardiovascular support. It's vegan, dairy and gluten free. K2 promotes bone mineralization and is commonly lacking in our diets. D3 is responsible for the absorption and retention of calcium.

Find YouTheory products online and in 60K+ stores worldwide. Shop online to take advantage of current promotions! It goes without saying that you must consult your physician if you take medications that may interfere with these supplements. None of this stuff replaces real food, and overdoses can be counter-effective. If I were you, I would have this once every 7-10 days, in the morning with breakfast. Do not have if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, take sedatives or deal with hyperthyroidism.

Watch this video, it helped me learn about the company.


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