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Food from the Indian state of Orissa: PJ breaks it down

Kahare Kan darkar. Bina matlab re ede Bada kama ta karinathibu

And we did. We asked for some regional cuisines from parts of India that are not available outside of those states and The Green House @MG House in Ahmedabad started home chef weekends. Since the pandemic has almost stopped us in our tracks, we are lucky enough to have home chefs in Ahmedabad from everywhere in the country come to us. Every weekend a chef takes over the restaurant and gives us a thaali which is like a culinary journey across their state. This weekend we tried a thaali from Orissa.

The chef is always around and is always so passionate about the food. Our Odiya home chef was actually a hobby chef who generally cooks just for family and friends. The food was curated and cooked with the help of the restaurant's chefs who adjust it for the gujarati taste but it doesnt generally take much away from the experience. If anything it add to it.

Here's my video!

Jagannath Temple, Puri is a 10th Century Temple that is one of the most important Vishnu Temples in India. They have a Khichadi that has been served to every devotee and is made on this akhand chula (uninterrupted fire) with a 1000 year old recipe.

That was the first time we tried with the pachedi or coconut yogurt which in itself was a treat. In combination with Khechudi, it was divine.

Next we went for the Saru Chakuli which were like neer dosas with the Tomato Date Khata. Another fantastic combination that could be a meal in itself. I was lucky enough to have mom next to me, who quickly took down the notes from the chef and made the Khata at home the very next day.

The Janta Ruti was very unique yet familiar. Stuffed with a mildly sweet filling, it was the best thing for Dad (our chief mithai taster). The ruti went really went with the Saag which tasted very fresh and had a crunch thanks to the vadi crumbles,

Our complete menu:

Before I wrap up, I have to make a special mention of the Rasabali, a cottage cheese dish similar to rasmalai but with some amazing flavors that balance out very well in the mouth. Its a specially cooked age old dessert that's been mentioned in texts as old as 10th century.

India is a composite of multiple countries with their own cuisine made from various influences from different part of the country and outside. I love the fact that we could try Odia cuisine in Ahemdabad.

I cant wait to try another one of these incredible home chef take overs from another beautiful part of India!


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