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Wine Country Experiences: Day 6

I can't believe it is already Day 6 today!

We made our way to a Lavender Farm today. The farm was in Santa Rosa and it was called Bees-N-Blooms. We saw 900 lavender plants, a total of seven different varieties. Lavender blooming season is almost over, blooms were slowly drying out but just to see the lavender labyrinth warmed my heart.

I had reminded everyone to wear full clothes and closed-toed shoes because where there is lavender, there are usually bees. And bees there were....busy buzzing away...! Those flowers definitely sustained the bees, and you know how much the bees sustain us. Just an amazing eco-system that we should be very thankful for.

The labyrinth was in a medieval 7-circuit design, and claimed to be the largest one in California.

Bees-N-Blooms also had several other things growing around the lavender - several vegetables that we could recognize, but a few that we couldn't. There was also so many other flowers that were blooming, just wonderful to see.

After the lavender farm, we made our way to Healdsburg but not before stopping at the Russian River Brewing Company. Although they had a location in Santa Rosa, we decided to visit their new facility in Windsor. Puneet had heard about brewmaster Vinnie Cilurzo, and that's how he knew about the company. This was a nice visit.

As you can see, their new facility is awesome - we picked up their limited edition beer and drove to our appointment at Wilson Winery.

Wilson Artisan Winery is interesting - it has a total of 10 boutique wineries in Northern California and they source their grapes from not only their own vineyards but also other vineyards.

The owners are Ken and Diane Wilson and they have won several awards for their Zinfandels.

Wilson Winery is in Dry Creek Valley (which is where our hotel is), known for its Zins. The valley itself is bookended by the Russian river and Lake Sonoma and the 70 odd wineries in the area grow robust Zin grapes.

So, at the winery, we ordered a couple different Zinfandels. The 2017 Cyprus Ridge was fruit-forward and earthy and the 2017 Botticelli Reserve was a big, bold Zin with vanilla flavors.

Tonight, Puneet and I chatted over dinner and debated over these questions: What would Cathy Corizon think of the two glasses of wine we had today? When were the grapes picked? What was the residual sugar content? How much alcohol is in this wine? When did they add the sulphites? Was it earlier in the process of wine-making or toward the end?

We have learned so much in this one-week trip. So much more to learn though.


Jul 25, 2020

Ah but what about for the rest of us who can only dream about these wines. I was hoping to get one won't per like!!!


Dr. K.
Dr. K.
Jul 21, 2020

We are back to our non- alcohol routines so... no!


Ruksana Hussain
Ruksana Hussain
Jul 21, 2020

Both great choices today, I hope you've brought home some zins (auto correct wanted to make that sins lol)


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