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Celebrating Mexico w/ Veggie Taco Sliders

I have been reading this book - Plant Powered Mexican by Kate Ramos and that has inspired me to improve my Mexican food game. So I made vegan taco sliders last night.

The photos actually turned out great, and food was colorful and delicious.

If this intrigues you, read along for ingredients and process.

About the base

These round tortilla are street-taco size, they fit in your hand. They are made of corn so they are gluten-free. You should find them at your local store. Before I topped them with all that veggie goodness, I warmed them both on both sides on a pan.

By the way, pita, roti or flat bread can be good options if you can't find a Mexican-style corn or wheat tortilla in your local store.

About the toppings

Remember to cut all the veggies finely. And cook and serve separately. This way, for each round, family members can make their own tacos with different combinations. Puneet helped me with a lot of chopping and cooking - it turned out to be a fun activity!

Let's start with the simplest: Mushrooms. Use any mushrooms. We had shiitake at home so I used that. Wash and cut the mushrooms in small pieces and sauté them with plant-based butter. Salt + pepper. I chose a simple flavor here because that's how my daughter likes her shrooms!

Moving on to peppers. We chose to dice one red pepper and sautéed it in olive oil. Then, we seasoned it with salt, a pineapple habanero hot sauce (spicy!) and a dash of maple syrup to balance the flavors. We sautéed until the peppers soaked that flavor.

To add a hearty element to our tacos, we boiled, cut and cooked a large potato in mole sauce. Someday I will learn to make this sauce at home but I found a vegetarian Mole Sauce at Whole Foods and that's what I used this time. Also, next time I will add more sauce and give it a more gravy-like feel.