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Vegan Bowl

Folks, this is the bomb! You can make each of these items for the bowl or you can just choose one of these. They are all great.

So, in this bowl you can see four things:

  1. Hummus and turmeric pasta with minced olives and shredded sun-dried tomatoes

  2. Creamed white quinoa cooked with cut baby spinach and coconut milk

  3. Riced cauliflower with asparagus

  4. Sautéed sweet potatoes with spring onions and rosemary olive oil

Let me give you brief summary of how to cook each of these items.

Hummus and turmeric pasta

Cook 2 cups of pasta per box directions. Once they are cooked and cooled, add a tablespoon of EVOO, and 3 tablespoons of homemade or store-bought hummus. I used store-bought today (Sabra with olives). Sprinkle sun-dried tomatoes, salt, pepper, cayenne.

Creamed White Quinoa w/ Spinach and Coconut milk

1 cup white quinoa from the packet.

1 cup of cut baby spinach

3 cups of vegetarian stock

Add all of these to a pot, and boil at medium, covered for 15 minutes. Turn the stove off. Let it cool down. Add 1 cup of coconut milk. Salt, garam masala, cumin powder, cayenne

Riced Cauliflower with Asparagus

Cut cauliflower into really tiny pieces or buy riced cauliflower from the fresh food isle if you find it. Cut a bunch of asparagus up into small pieces (use the top 3/4, discard the bottom of the stalks). Throw both cauliflower and asparagus into a pan and sauté with them with olive oil until they are slightly brown. Salt, pepper, lemon

Roasted Sweet potatoes