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Steamed rice cakes (Idli) with a coconut chutney and (Sambhar) dal soup

You guys, my daughter dreams of Idli in her sleep! She even takes it for lunch to school. I usually buy boxes of Idli batter from the Indian store and freeze it - this way I always have it at home.

All I need to do is to de-freeze my box the night before I want to make the dish. I have molds that I use to steam the batter and it turns into this beautiful rice cake - soft, fluffy, beautiful texture. Last night's mold was heart-shaped - - because we HEART these steamed cakes so much!

There are many people who make the batter at home, by the way. If you are looking for a recipe, this is a good one.

I often make more of these rice cakes than I need so I can air-fry them for the next day.

Traditionally, along with these steamed rice cakes, dal-soup and chutney are served. So, I tried to create it. You can get Sambhar powder (I get a brand called Priya) and add it to pressure-cooked Toor dal (lentil). I often add vegetables to make it more fun. Check this recipe - btw, the variations of sambhar - unbelievable!

There are some ready-to-go Sambhar packs available in Indian stores (Sankalp is a good brand), thats always an option too.

DEEP has some amazing coconut chutney that you will find in the freezer sections of most Indian stores. Some of us make our own too. I make mine vegan. Check this recipe.


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