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Should I buy an air fryer?

Yes. You absolutely should. I waited for too long and I regret it. I love cooking in my air fryer. It has changed the way I eat and I have reduced my oil consumption by half. I use this machine at least a few times a week.

If you crave fried food, look no further than an air fryer. Instead of picking up fries at your local joint, head over to your grocery store for a pack of frozen fries. Then get home and throw them into your air fryer. Or season and air fry some broccoli or sweet potatoes. The options are endless...and many of those options can be healthy-healthy-healthy.

Scroll down to see the things I recently made in the air fryer. But first - Let's start with a Q & A session.

This is what I have at home.

Q. What can you do with an air fryer? Is it a good product for vegetarians?

A. A lot of things. You can roast pretty much anything with a tea spoon of oil. Its a great idea for healthy eating. The fryer is great for anyone, including vegetarians.

Q. Can I fry anything in an air-fryer?

A. So, think of an air fryer as a saute pan or an oven. It is not a deep fryer. You can't coat something in a marinade and throw it in an air fryer. OK, I take it back - you can - but the result would not be anything remotely deep-frying-like.

Q. Can I air fry something directly from the freezer?

A. Yes, I air fry frozen okra, frozen potato fries, frozen dumplings and even frozen patra and samosas.

Q. What air fryer size should I buy?

A. Get a bigger size. The bigger, the better. If two items require cooking at the same temperature, it would make sense to cook them together.

Q. Is there a specific brand that is popular?

A. Actually, there are many brands and they are all quite good. Amazon as well as several department stores sell different brands. Instant Vortex, Pampered Chef, Ninja Foodie, Power XL, CuisinArt. All of them have similar technology. I have the Gourmia 6 QT and I like it.


One evening for dinner, I made a bunch of things with the air-fryer. You see the photos below:

Air-fried sweet potatoes and green beans

Air-fried zucchini chips

Air-fried brussel sprouts with balsamic vinegar, honey, EVOO

Air-fried rainbow carrots

Air-fried cauliflower lightly dressed with a BBQ sauce and broccolini with just salt and pepper