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Review: Vegan Nova (Hawthorne)

No turkey? No problem. This place is a find.

I am vegetarian, trying to go vegan and I am super happy with this spot - I love that they haven't got an order wrong and the flavors are well-developed too. You can order online, and pick up in 15-20 minutes. We picked it today for lunch and I am surprised to know that they are open until 8:30 PM tonight on Thanksgiving 2020!

Over the last two times that I ordered for the family, these were all the dishes. Things were customized in terms of the veggies and the spice levels. We went for mild or medium for everything and it was perfect.

The hot, clear soup with tofu was great for a cold day. You won't go wrong if you order the curries - We ordered Red curry one time and Penang another time. Loved the noodles - Drunken noodles were decent. I was so excited to see the restaurant use baby corn and asparagus and varieties of mushrooms. I also appreciate that they don't boil everything down to the point that you can't recognize the original taste of the vegetables.

Everything tastes pretty healthy and fresh. I highly recommend this restaurant - I like it better than than others I have tried in Redondo and Manhattan Beach.


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