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Review: Scopa Italian Roots (Venice)

Birthdays are always a special occasion in our family. We don't give gifts on birthdays, we just go to an interesting place to eat. That's our thing.

For my dear husband's birthday this year, we decided to visit Scopa. I love that this restaurant has a female chef - Yay! Chef Antonia Lofaso cooks food that reminds us of Italian food in New York City, and while not everyone cares about that, we do because we spent a decade there.

The ingredients are fresh, and the taste is simple.

Is the restaurant expensive? Yes, for its portion size, it is.

Is the food good? Yep.

Do you need reservations? Probably.

The staff is lovely and so is the ambiance.

This is what we ordered.

  • Fried Cauliflower with lemon, chives and parmesan (antipasti)

  • The Rigatoni pasta with vodka sauce, chili flakes, basil and fresh ricotta

  • The Chitarra pasta with pecorino and black pepper

  • The Ravioli pasta with corn, mascarpone and parmesan, and basil

Everything was delicious.

Then came the dessert. The Italian flag-colored cake was a sweet surprise that our server brought out to celebrate Puneet's birthday. The 'Spumoni' has three ice-cream flavors - Pistachio, cherry and chocolate and the Affogato which was Espresso coffee poured over a glass of vanilla gelato.

I think it is a wonderful place for a celebration. Plan to book ahead.

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