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Scopa Italian Roots in Venice delights with fresh ingredients and old-school Italian flavors

Birthdays are always a special occasion in our family. We don't give gifts on birthdays, we just go to an interesting place to eat. That's our thing.

This year, we decided to celebrate a birthday at Scopa Italian Restaurant. It is a great place to go for a special occasion. The food is perfect for a romantic dinner, and the atmosphere is perfect for a night out with friends.

I love that this restaurant has a female chef - Yay! Chef Antonia Lofaso cooks food that reminds us of Italian food in New York City, and while not everyone cares about that, we do because we spent a decade there!

The ingredients are fresh, and the taste is simple. The staff is lovely and so is the ambiance.

This is what we ordered:

  • Fried Cauliflower with lemon, chives and parmesan (antipasti)

  • The Rigatoni pasta with vodka sauce, chili flakes, basil and fresh ricotta

  • The Chitarra pasta with pecorino and black pepper

  • The Ravioli pasta with corn, mascarpone and parmesan, and basil

Of these four items, the Rigatoni pasta in vodka sauce was our absolute favorite!

Then came the dessert, or should I say desserts...!

  1. The Italian flag-colored cake was a sweet surprise that our server brought out to celebrate the birthday!

  2. The 'Spumoni' has three ice-cream flavors - Pistachio, cherry and chocolate (this is a traditional Italian dessert)

  3. Affogato which was Espresso coffee poured over a glass of vanilla gelato

I think it is a wonderful place for a celebration. Plan to book ahead.

Tips for diners:

Is the restaurant expensive? Yes, for its portion size, it is. On Yelp, it shows up as $$$

Is the food good? Yep.

Do you need reservations? Probably. Make them via RESY.

Address: 2905 W. Washington Place, Venice, CA 90292


Dinner Daily from 5pm to 10pm

Weekend Brunch (Sat. & Sun.) from 11am to 3pm

First published: 11/20

Revised 4/23


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