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Review: Bao's Dimsum House (West Hollywood)

Dim sums are from China. Historically, they originated in Southern China and made their way down to Hong Kong. I have been looking for a good dim sum place, and this particular restaurant came highly recommended.

Dim sums can be baked, steamed or fried. Legend goes...dim sums were first served in tea houses - even today, they are often served with tea.

The stuffing in the dumplings is pork or shrimp but they can be vegetarian too.

Bao's in West Hollywood has pretty decent vegetarian dim sums. As you can see, they are served as small plates - due to COVID, we obviously picked up - and they stayed well and tasted amazing.

These Hong Kong style dim sums had mushrooms, cabbage, carrots - you know - the usual stuff that vegetarians eat!

I would recommend this spot for vegetarians. There are several other things you can try too - I would particularly recommend the noodles, spring rolls and the scallion pancakes. The bokchoy was decent as well - cooked in a delicate garlic sauce.

How much does this meal set you back?

Dim sums are not cheap...especially if you are a hungry! (lol!) A family meal is likely to cost you around $75, not including tips and drinks.

But it is well worth the experience...if you are into trying new things and celebrating beautiful food cultures!

Visit Bao's and explore this website for details:

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