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Red Raspberry Antioxidant Almond Shake

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

I love my shakes - and I don't drink them to lose weight or because they fill me up. I make my shakes because I love them! My shakes taste great with breakfast or after a gym workout or instead of afternoon tea! And my family loves them too :)

Today's shake is a raspberry -almond shake with a scoop of Juce Organic Super Veggie and Fruit Blend. See the 1.16 minute video for directions.

For ingredients, you will need:

Almond Milk

1 cup of fresh red raspberries

Tiny scoop of any fruit/vegetable berry-flavored blend. (I use Juce)

Please note: This is not a paid advertisement for Vitamix or Juce, not have they asked me to endorse this product. I found them both in Costco, and our family, esp my daughter loves the taste of Juce.

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