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Rajiv Satyal's Hollywood Standup Comedy Show: A Night of Laughter and Entertainment

Get ready for a fun evening filled with laughter as the talented comedian Rajiv prepares to hit the stage at the prestigious Bourbon Room in Hollywood, CA. The atmosphere will be buzzing with anticipation as Rajiv, armed with his quick wit, charismatic charm, and relatable humor takes you on a comedic rollercoaster ride, leaving you in stitches and creating cherished memories of a laughter-filled extravaganza.

Full-length comedy sets are a rare treat, as stage time in Los Angeles can be hard to come by. With most sets lasting a maximum of 20 minutes, this show presents a unique opportunity to experience an extended performance from Rajiv!

Here are some details:

Where: Bourbon Room, Hollywood

When: July 27, 2023

How much: $25 in advance, $30 at the door

What to expect: Doors open at 7 PM for a cocktail hour. The show will run 8 - 10 PM, with a host, a special guest, and then Rajiv. After the show, there’ll be a DJ who’ll spin into the night. So - Dress up, this is going to be a party!

Purchase your tickets now and prepare yourself for an exciting night that will leave you wanting more.


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