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Organic Tea - Is it worth the extra $$?

Short answer: Yes.

Lemme tell you why. Why buy organic loose leaf tea?


  • Buying organic tea helps the grower and it helps you!

  • Organic tea is healthier, not exposed to harmful pesticides and is processed without chemicals

  • Loose leaf tea leads to a better brew and great taste

  • No wrappers, strings or staples = Less waste

Today, I made some Groundwork Organic Assamese tea. To make it fun, I added some fresh ginger, cinnamon and clove to hot water and then steeped the tea leaves for five minutes.

Groundwork is based in Venice, CA and has been around a good 30 years. The company is actually known for its coffee but I love their 20+ varieties of tea as well. I also appreciate their commitment to positively impact the local community as well as the growers.

If you buy your tea on Amazon, this is a good list to check out.

Here is the Good Trade list.

Organic Aspirations also has a good list.

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