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No Hassle WeekdayVeggie Burgers

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Store-bought day!

Given the day's craving for bread and potatoes, I decided to serve up some simple veggie burgers, and a side of a tomato soup. This is a perfect idea when you have no time to cook. I always keep some basic ingredients at home so I can put together this dinner in literally 15 minutes.

Burger Patties

Store-bought. Yes, nothing to be ashamed of, we all have those days when we are too tired to cook. My favorite brand is the vegetable masala burgers from Trader Joe's but I suppose Hillary's brand comes close too. I am not a big fan of the soy, fake-meat burgers, but go for it, if that's what you / your family likes!


Burger buns but regular sliced bread is fine too. Try sourdough. Warm the bread and add a tiny bit of butter or vegan butter, it tastes so good! Alternatively, add a green or tamarind chutney (you can find these everywhere and in Indian stores, you may even find it in the fresh section)


Onions, tomatoes, cheese, finely shredded lettuce

Make your pretty burger with all these ingredients. One tip I would give you is to air-fry or sauté your onions, It is a darn good idea, and it really enhances the taste.

Serve it with soup.

Tomato Soup

Store-bought, I like the tetra-pack, low-sodium is my go-to option.


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