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Never Miss A Beet!

Can I suggest you try this one out?

It is our family favorite. A few times a week, I make this shake for my whole family.

  • Two cups of almond milk

  • Two dates, pitted

  • Tablespoon of beet powder supplement

I use the one from Red Ace Organics (found it at Whole Foods on sale, this is not a sponsored post, I have not been paid to endorse this product - I just want to say I like it, that's all)

I don’t like the texture of beets and honestly they are just messy but I don’t mind the taste. This powder is perfect!! The smoothie is just so simple and delicious with such few ingredients. It reminds me of Terra Chips!

Beets are great for your health. They lower blood pressure, has lots of antioxidants , supports cardiovascular health and gives you lots of energy.

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