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Green Manure : Create your own fertilizer

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

I am so excited to experiment with this green manure technique that my mom introduced me to. Great organic way to put nutrients back in the soil. And, don’t let the word ‘manure’ put you off. There is no smell nor poop involved!

In this photo above, my Green Manure plans are well on their way! We have sprouts growing beautifully #progress

This is where we started - see photo on the left, and this is where we ended up - see photo on the right...

Again, What you are seeing here is #greenmanure - this is a homemade fertilizer which will be plowed back into the soil eventually. You take a bunch of specific seeds of legumes, let them sprout and grow for a month with some soil in containers , uproot them, chop them finely and put them back in the soil. Then use this rich soil to grow other vegetables.

I saw this at my mom’s kitchen garden but seems easy enough so I decided to try this out myself.

And... I am happy to share that I successfully made it happen right here in Manhattan Beach in my backyard. Beans and seeds have sprouted and are starting to grow!! I will be chopping the leaves finely and putting it back in the soil, which will make the soil rich with natural compost.

This photo shows them fully grown :) now to put them back in the soil.

If you wish to do this and are struggling to figure out which legumes to use, you can find these online - look for green manure.

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