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Thomas Dambo’s Trolls: Save the Humans is coming to South Coast Botanical Gardens

Updated: Aug 28

A world where magic, sustainability and art collide - The West Coast Premiere of Thomas Dambo’s Trolls: Save the Humans is coming to Los Angeles on October 1, 2023.

Mark your calendars!

Photo credit:  Atlanta Botanical Garden
Photo credit: Atlanta Botanical Garden

Step into a world of enchantment at South Coast Botanic Garden as it welcomes the "Trolls: Save the Humans" exhibition. This extraordinary showcase introduces six larger-than-life troll sculptures, a testament to the visionary imagination of artist Thomas Dambo. Inspired by folklore, these sculptures weave tales of environmental consciousness and creative brilliance, reminding us that discarded materials can be reborn as captivating art forms.

Crafted from reclaimed materials, the trolls stand as powerful symbols of transformation, echoing the garden's history atop a former landfill. Presented in collaboration with Imagine Exhibitions, the exhibition paints an evolving narrative of coexistence with nature. Born from Dambo's Nordic-inspired tales, six young activist trolls come alive, driven by the urgency to guide humans back to harmony with the planet. Each troll embodies unique traits, from Ronja Redeye's captivating voice resembling rustling leaves to Rosa Sunfinger, who nurtures nature with flowers in repurposed car parts.

In addition to the exhibition, South Coast Botanic Garden hosts classes that resonate with the trolls' themes, amplifying the experience for visitors. "That’s SO Cal: Introduction to Growing our Native Plants" and "From Trash to Treasure: Sustainable Jewelry Making" celebrate the exhibit's profound message of harmonious coexistence and sustainable living.

CEO Adrienne Nakashima highlights the dual impact of beauty and message, underscoring Dambo's ability to raise awareness about reclamation and recycling through aesthetic allure. From October 1st to January 14, 2024, these larger-than-life sculptures will grace the garden, inviting introspection and appreciation from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

Event Details:


This article (below) was published 8/21/2023

Exploring Nature's Delights: Discovering the South Coast Botanical Garden in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis that boasts a collection of botanical gardens that weave a tale of horticultural wonder and urban respite. From the historic Exposition Park Rose Garden to the Huntington's Desert Garden and its celebration of succulents, these green sanctuaries offer solace to city dwellers.

Photo credit: South Coast Botanical Garden
Photo credit: South Coast Botanical Garden

Within this tapestry is a hidden gem located on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. The 87-acre haven of biodiversity, The South Coast Botanic Garden beckons with its captivating exhibits over the years.

Photo credit: South Coast Botanical Garden
Photo credit: South Coast Botanical Garden

Famous for its Dorothy and John Bohannon Rose Garden, the enduring Desert Collection, and the Dorothy and Allen Lay Staghorn Fern Collection, the South Coast Botanical Garden has attracted visitors spanning generations, seamlessly connecting city life with the enchanting embrace of nature.

Photo credit: South Coast Botanical Garden
Photo credit: South Coast Botanical Garden

The garden is open 8 AM - 5 PM daily but advance reservations are suggested. Parking is free. Membership pays for itself in two visits but non-members are welcome at $15 pp for adults, less for seniors and children. The Basic Plus annual membership ($85) is ideal for unlimited membership for two adults, up to four children under 18 and grandparents. Dogs are allowed for $5 on specific days every month.

Photo credit: South Coast Botanical Garden
Photo credit: South Coast Botanical Garden

Classes are offered at the garden for an additional cost. There are some interesting exhibits all around the garden made possible with collaborations with LACMA. Members receive special discounts on SOAR tickets, an amazing exhibit that features hundreds of tropical butterflies. Free with Garden general admission tickets currently is Washed Ashore - Art to Save the Sea - an exhibit with 16 sculptures made from beach debris.


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