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Don't forget to take care of your eyes!

Very often, we focus on our skin (does it glow?), our muscles (are they toned?), our hair (did we condition it?), our nails (when was the last pedicure?), our hearts (need to cardio!) - but we don't always take care of our eyes.

In general, eye health reflects our overall health - if we eat healthy, exercise etc. our eyes will be healthy too. If you want to strength eye health to slow down age-related mascular degeneration however, here are few things you can do / consume.


Remember to eat orange foods such as carrots and sweet potatoes, green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach and collards, walnuts & flax seeds (for Omega), almonds and sunflower seeds (for Vitamin A)


Sprinkle Bilberry powder in your shakes or cereal

Eating the fruit is the obvious choice here, but bilberry grows wild in Northern Europe, not in the US, so the powder is the best way to go for me. Bilberries are touted for eye conditions like glaucoma, cataracts and age-related vascular degeneration. There are no conclusive studies that it works but it definitely has a folkloric history!

I bough this one below and I love it. I use a tiny teaspoon of it everyday in my shake. The container is small which makes this very expensive, but I like it a lot and recommend it.


Wear sunglasses when you go out in the sun, and don't stare at the computer too long - take breaks.


Trataka exercise: This video below is a good one to check out.


Add some vitamins to your daily routine - maybe a few times a week?

Always check with your physician to see if specific