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Curried chickpeas + spiced cauliflower & green peas, served w/ pita bread

This is great dinner! You can make it vegan too, btw.

What you need:

- Chickpeas (cooked), handful of pureed spinach, pureed tomatoes-onions and garlic and Indian chana powder, and spices: Salt, turmeric, lemon, Cumin seeds.

South Asian call this item Saag Channa. See a version here.

- A small head of Cauliflower, handful of frozen or fresh green peas, cilantro (to sprinkle) and spices (mustard seeds, bay leaves, salt, turmeric, cilantro powder, red chili powder).

South Asian call this Gobi Mutter. See a version here

- Indian bread: Make at home or buy from the store. OR substitute with Naan bread. I make this from scratch sometimes, but this one is store-bought. Generally, folks serve Naan with this combination and I like it with fenugreek bread/ roti from the state of Gujarat called Thepla.


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