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A cup of sunshine

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Today, I want to share an interesting tea with you, one that will uplift your mood. This organic tea has two ingredients. Kanna and Honeybush.

Kanna is a succulent plant from South Africa. Scientific name: Sceletium tortuosum.

It can be snuffed or smoked but it can also be consumed as a tea. It elevates mood and decreases anxiety.

So, does it have cannibis-like qualities? Yes, maybe. So, its obviously for adults only. I love that it is a natural way to uplift your mood and cognition.

The other herb in this tea is Honeybush. This is also South African. It tastes a little bit like Rooibos tea. It also has medicinal properties - good for cough, for lower blood sugar, relief from menopausal symptoms.

The photo here is for 6 such boxes, priced at $31.56.

If you want a tea with just Kanna, you will find it too, and that is priced at $5 which is affordable. If you want a tea with just Honeybush, you will find it really quite easily! I would suggest this Allegro tea or this Numi tea.

If you are pregnant or or antidepressant medication, this one is not for you.

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