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Hello, I am K.

Welcome to Green Sea Shells.

About Green Sea Shells

Green Sea Shells is all about Los Angeles experiences and restaurants.  Whether you are thinking of visiting this fun city or looking for interesting things to do, this website will help you plan your day.  Restaurants are reviewed often and there is a slight focus on healthier, more vegetarian options.  Travel experiences have been crafted and curated for families.  

If you cannot find what you are looking for, use the Search functionality on the header and you are likely to get lucky!


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K's Story

Like so many others, during the pandemic, I started writing to feel better about the situation we were all in.  I was trying to keep my family motivated to do interesting things, travel with masks, explore Los Angeles in little or no traffic and to support small businesses. When we came back home, I documented what we did.  


Little, happy moments. 


The pandemic thankfully ended but I kept writing.  With gratitude and with pride, I now call myself a 'blogger by night'. My journey has been long and windy, with trials and errors but a wonderful one. What started as a passion project is now a full-fledged website with a Los Angeles focus, mostly on Los Angeles family experiences and Los Angeles restaurants. 

I continue to write about other areas of my life. You can access that content on Green Sea Shells via these links below, the search functionality on the site or via social media:

When I am not working on this site, you are likely to find me teaching applied communication subjects at local colleges, heading a social-impact platform called, publishing the 1000 Spotlights magazineserving on boards, and celebrating my family, my heritage and my beautiful dog, Haiku. 

Thanks for reading. I am always happy to collaborate / partner on interesting projects, so reach out!

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